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  The Ron Carlson Video Series

Christian Ministries International founded by Dr. Ron Carlson, is a ministry devoted to Evangelism and equipping Christians to have "Answers for their Faith" 1 Peter 3:15. There specialized ministry involves both refuting the false teachings of the Cults, World Religions, and Evolution and sharing the Gospel with those ensnared by false religious philosophies.
The Kings Bible Ministry has made available the CD series of Dr. Ron Carlson to churches free of charge for their distribution.

Churches can order up to 100 copies of each series from this web site. (CD's provided no charge to established churches only)

Titles Available:
Evolution/Creation Series CD
Islam Religion Series CD
World Religions Series CD
Freemasonry Series CD
Buddhism Series CD
Mormonism Series CD
Roman Catholicism Series CD
Jehovah's Witnesses Series CD
New Age Spirituality Series CD
     Interview With Dr. Ron Carlson

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